Jackpot! (2010, Tony Ducret)

Jackpot! is a fairy tale for violent misogynists; writer-director Ducret probably sells it mail order to convicts. Here’s the premise–New York City is infested with fetching young black women who trap successful black men by manipulating themselves into pregnancy. Luckily, these successful black men are able to call a lothario (an awful Anthony Laurent) who drugs the women and aborts the pregnancies.

During the short, I was a little curious why Ducret made the protagonist–poorly played by Kimberly Holloway–so unlikable. The successful man she dupes–an NBA player (Damiyr Shuford in Jackpot‘s only good performance)–is practically likable just because she’s so hideous. Now I get it. He’s the guy and this evil harpy is trying to steal his riches.

Ducret’s direction isn’t bad and some of his dialogue is decent. His editing, however, is hilariously inept.

Jackpot! is disturbing for all the wrong reasons.

1/3Not Recommended


Written, directed and edited by Tony Ducret; director of photography, Salvador Bolivar; music by J.A. Rah; production designer, Navlah Abdul-Aleem; produced by Ducret and Todd Tucker.

Starring Kimberly Holloway (Shontae), Anthony Laurent (Grant) and Damiyr Shuford (Deandre).


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