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One Rat Short (2006, Alex Weil)

A scene from ONE RAT SHORT, directed by Alex Weil.

One Rat Short is a story of chance and star-crossed lovers. It’s also the perfect example of good realistic CG animation. Director Weil and his animators revel in their medium and utilize it to the fullest.

A New York sewer rat happens upon an open Cheetos bag and follows it through a roof-top fan into a laboratory. In this laboratory are lab rats, including a rather fetching one who catches the hero’s eye. Notice my lack of gender specificity–as a filmgoer, I assume the white rat is the female… but as an rat owner, I cannot.

The whole short takes place in real time, except a period of unconsciousness for the sewer rat, which sort of amplifies the tragedy.

Weil’s direction is magnificent; Sherman Foote’s music is lovely. One Rat Short is outstanding, both technically and narratively.

It’s nice to see something so purposefully precious actually succeed.

3/3Highly Recommended


Written and directed by Alex Weil; director of photography, Todd Winter; edited by John Zawisha; music by Sherman Foote; production designers, Michael K. Frith, Christian Scheurer and Todd Winter; produced by Bryan Godwin.


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