Orc Stain (2010) #6


Funny how Stokoe can have the present action of an issue be fifteen minutes and I can’t imagine anyone would ever think of calling him decompressed or lazy. Maybe because he does the art (and colors and letters) too and the art in this speedy issue is probably more complex than the longer paced ones.

One-Eye is busy escaping from the giant monster mountain, along with a couple impromptu sidekicks, on the run from some cannibal orcs and the living walls. So it’s an extended chase through an organic system. Very gross. Stokoe excels at it.

But the witch is still hanging out and the big villain is around too. Stokoe brings them all together for the cliffhanger, which also reveals some of One-Eye’s origin, but only if you pay close attention. Not because the story’s complicated, but because Stokoe’s art is so detailed.

It’s another awesome Stain.

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