A scene from LITTLE TIGER'S CAN-CAN BUS, directed by Masaoka Kenzô.

Little Tiger’s Can-Can Bug (1950, Masaoka Kenzô)

From the title, Little Tiger’s Can-Can Bug, one has to assume there is something lost in translation.

The cartoon concerns two little tiger kittens who are working on a ship. They sing and they’re precious, but they don’t do much in Bug. There’s a grown-up tiger, a tuna boat captain–apparently the boat the two kittens are working on–and he’s more the main character.

Until the end, when one of the kittens gets the spotlight (for some obviously repeated animation) and the other spends the rest of the cartoon off screen.

Director Masaoka tries lots of stuff and none of it works. The attempts are fleetingly interesting. The cartoon’s not strange as much as boring and poorly animated. For example, there’d no perspective on captain’s face, though the rest of the body has it; he looks he’s wearing a mask.

Not even the captain’s pet monkey amuses.

1/3Not Recommended


Directed by Masaoka Kenzô; written by Matsuzaki Yoshihito; director of photography, Yabushita Taiji; animated by Abe Koki, Hama Keitaro and Kumagawa Masao.

Starring Anzai Aiko, Mie Kimiko and Murao Goro.

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