Ultimate Spider-Man 33 (February 2003)

Brian Michael Bendis sure does like his coincidences, doesn’t he? If Mary Jane hadn’t broken Peter’s heart, he never would have found the boxes with the Venom Project stuff.

Here’s what’s funny–Bendis makes it work. He gets emotionally honesty out of every scene in this issue, whether it’s Aunt May and Gwen hanging out or Peter and May watching the family videos or the introduction of Eddie Brock.

Bendis introduces a character full of baggage from the reader (Ultimate or not) and immediately establishes the character in a conversation.

There’s no Spider-Man this issue–definitely no Venom–yet the pacing, with Peter narrating his trip to campus, is great. Maybe because it’s entirely unexpected, everything Bendis is doing. He’s not streamlining, he’s recreating and he does it with enthusiasm.

Sadly, he does misuse the word “everyday,” which is slightly embarrassing (more for his editor), but whatever.

It’s good.

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