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The Night Force 4 (November 1982)

Between the evil German guy and the light show at the end of the issue, it’s like Wolfman doesn’t even care he’s being obvious in a Raiders of the Lost Ark rip-off. Maybe, at the time, being so obvious was meant as homage.

There’s actually one really cool idea, easily the best of the series so far. The good guys have this book to help them on their quest and it changes to fill in details. Or something. Whatever it does, it’s the best thing Wolfman’s come up with.

On the stupid side, Baron Winters is scared of cops. Wolfman really doesn’t think anything through.
At least he doesn’t bother with a bad hard cliffhanger this issue. It’s a soft, dumb one, which is a–in Night Force terms–far better.

Colan’s got some fabulous artwork though, as there’s a lot of supernatural nonsense. He excels at drawing it.

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