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Watchmen 5 (January 1987)

Given how much effort Moore puts into giving away Rorschach’s identity before the final page’s unmasking, it’s embarrassing I didn’t know the last time I read Watchmen. Or, more to the point, the first time.

Any twelve issue series, even Watchmen, is going to have a bridging issue or two. This issue is the first bridging issue. The big ending with Rorschach versus the cops hides the issue’s lack of content.

Oh, there’s a little with Dan and Laurie, but only a handful of pages. Moore and Gibbons probably spend more time on the “Tales from the Black Freighter,” which provides distracting filler. Or the detectives getting pages, even though I’m not sure they even have names.

Adrian shows up for a scene, but it’s hard to read Watchmen again without being suspect of how Moore allots his time.

It’s excellent comic book writing and illustrating, just not particularly compelling.

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