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Showcase 10 (September-October 1957)

The third Lois Lane story this issue–by Otto Binder, Wayne Boring and Stan Kaye–finally provides something to talk about. The two previous stories (with Binder writing one, Jerry Coleman another) are more sitcom. Well, except the Coleman one, but I’ll come back to it.

The third story features Lois getting superpowers from some Kryptonian gadgets Jor-El sent to Earth in a second rocket. They remained undiscovered until Superman was an adult. So Lois is racing around, saving people and having some problems since she’s not super-observant or indestructible. Binder never specifies Superman’s concern–it comes off as sexist, since there’s no explanations. He certainly never tries to train her. Not a super-mean Superman, but a selfish one.

Coleman’s story about Lois going blind is the issue’s best. Unlike Binder, he doesn’t portray either character as petty or moronic.

Boring and Kaye’s art is, well, boring.

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  1. vernon wiley

    This must of been at least a minor league hit, as Lois scored her own title soon afterwards. For the record, even as a child, I never saw the attraction in either Plastino’s or Boring’s Superman, let alone the lack of “prettiness” that should be tantamount to a comic with the lead as dedicated to female “attractiveness” as Lois Lane. That barrel chested Supes still gives me the willies to this day.

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