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Showcase 9 (July-August 1957)

Three Lois Lane stories and there’s no clear winner or loser. Otto Binder writes the second two, Jerry Coleman handles the first one. Even though the Coleman one features Lois and Lana Lang teaming up to figure out who Superman likes more, the second two probably show Lois as more of a twit. At least in the first one, there’s some problem solving.

The art–mostly from Al Pastino–is exhausting. The barrel-chested Superman, for example. One would think, for a girls’ comic, there’d be some emphasis on fashion and style. But no. Plastinos super-bland.

Maybe if Binder’s stories were funny it would help, but Superman’s such a bore, there’s nary an attempt.

The final story has Lois dreaming she’s married to Superman. Of his two, it has the most potential but Binder doesn’t even get imaginative in dreams.

It’s an exhausting waste of time, but not brainpower.

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