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Showcase 8 (May-June 1957)

Unfortunately, this issue does not feature the Flash fighting a giant finger. Instead, he fights some evil triplets and then Captain Cold (in different stories). The first story–written by Robert Kanigher–is better. Barry has to figure different things out in order to defeat the bad guys and Kanigher does show some of Barry’s character. There’s also a lot of Iris (as comic relief) in the story.

For the Captain Cold story, John Broome spends more time on Len Snart’s origin than he spends on any personality for Barry. Worse is Broome’s “science,” which gives Captain Cold a hallucination-making device. It’s really dumb.

The art, from Infantino (inked by Frank Giacoia), has its highs and mediocre points. It never goes bad. Infantino occasionally comes up with some beautifully composed panels; they aren’t constant but they’re enough to make for engaging art.

The issue’s okay; Broome drags it down.

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