Showcase 7 (March-April 1957)

While there’s still nothing resembling character development for the original Challengers–scientist June Robbins offers to join, it’s unclear if she’s accepted, and Wood gives her a lot more personality than the boys–this issue’s really strong.

Even someone only marginally familiar with Kirby’s work (like me) can see in this Showcase the ancestors of his New Gods design work. He gets a little lazy on the faces, but there are still some amazing visuals of a giant robot run amok.

Wood’s script is a mix of King Kong and a super-computer thriller. He uses June Robbins to bring thoughtfulness and compassion to the story, making it unique. The plotting is also rather strong, though the chapter cliffhangers are tepid.

The story’s also of historical note as it involves the Challengers helping a Nazi war criminal. Apparently they weren’t evil on face value in 1957?

It’s a good read.

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  1. vernon wiley

    Kirby when inked by Wally Wood (Challengers, if not this early yet), is superb transcendent comic book art. As close as you can get to psychedelic effects, while not actually taking the drugs.