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The Night Force 1 (August 1982)

It’s all so mysterious! Marv Wolfman finishes the issue with a letter to readers, maybe to convince them they haven’t just read a knock-off of Tomb of Dracula. Damage control, I guess.

Wolfman isn’t doing too much of a rip-off, I suppose, he’s just setting Gene Colan up with Dracula-like situations and characters. Whether it’s the white dude or Blade or Dracula himself, there are visual analogs galore in The Night Force. There just isn’t a lot of content. The issue goes on forever setting up the characters, but they’re all weak. Whether it’s the divorced reporter who’s down on his luck (but drives a Porsche) or the scientist working for the Pentagon, Wolfman doesn’t introduce anything original. He does try to be grown-up–the issue opens with talk of open marriages–but it comes off desperate.

It’s a cash grab and not a good one.

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  1. vernon wiley

    If you thought THIS was weak, stay away from the new DC 52 version, which he wrote and features the art of Colan look alike Tom Mandrake. I’m still wondering what all the fuss was about. Self manufactured fuss, perhaps?

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