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The Strange Talent of Luther Strode 2 (November 2011)

Jordan’s streamlining the standards quite a bit. Instead of Luther’s high school nemesis becoming a supervillain somewhere down the line once ideas have run out, Jordan makes it part of the origin story. It’s ominous and effective.

Also ominous is how Luther can visual bloody outcomes for every situation. Jordan has that flash early, while the rest of the comic is generally upbeat. It introduces an element of danger, cementing it in the reader’s mind.

Moore gets in the ultra-violence early, then shifts gears to a high school relationship drama. There’s action at the end, but not violence. Moore balances the violence, the drama and some muted wonderment at Luther’s situation.

Jordan could have been better about establishing time passing between this issue and the last. And Luther’s mom (and the family subplot) are absent. Small quibbles, but they might become significant.

For now, though, the series’s going strong.

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