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Huntress 6 (May 2012)

Dell might be back, but there’s a certain laziness to the art this issue. To doesn’t care about perspective during a chase scene–or body proportions–and apparently Dell doesn’t care enough to fix them. But the art is generally better, if not at the series’s peak.

Unfortunately, Levitz’s writing doesn’t improve any this issue. Once again, Huntress can defeat all, but there’s one development. Huntress infers she works with the NSA and the way she trades barbs with the bad guy–she did kill the bad guy last issue, which makes no sense since she was non-lethal with all the flunkies–Levitz seems to be doing a masked, female James Bond.

Then there’s the ending. Another unexciting chase sequence ends with Power Girl, in her civilian outfit, popping in to give Helena a lift.

I think Levitz expects readers to be excited. I can’t believe they’re even conscious.

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