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Vengeance 5 (January 2012)

Oh, Joe Casey, so cute when you try to be smart… but so lacking in even the ability to Google.

This issue reveals the big secret behind the Red Skull’s presence. It turns out–and this discovery shocks the leader of the Teen Brigade–the U.S. Government covered up Skull killing a bunch of Soviet super-soldiers. So not only is the leader of the Teen Brigade a flake, he’s not particularly well-versed in political realities.

The report he reads talks about the Geneva Convention, which, in traditional parlance, refers to the articles adopted in 1949. Well after the period Casey’s writing about. Marvel’s not big on fact-checking, apparently.

Anyway, the issue’s decent, even if Miss America is starting to get annoying (we gto it, she’s Hispanic). Great, crazy action from Dragotta.

But no way Casey wraps this up satisfactorily… He’s got too many balls in the air.

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