Tom Strong 14 (October 2001)

Moore has a great time with this issue, featuring Tom Strong and his family on an intergalactic vacation. It also shows how much Moore’s willing to change Strong to keep himself engaged.

The issue is split into three stories, all set during different points in the vacation. The first story, dedicated to a sick Tom McWeeney, has Hilary Barta on art. Tom and the family (Tesla’s still a baby) are on an absurdly hostile planet. It’s Tom as a dumb husband; it’s hilarious.

Sprouse and Gordon take over for the rest of the issue.

The second story is Tom and Dhalua on a planet where their hidden desires are made real. While it’s all fantastical, it shows a lot about the characters (who readers are already seeing forty-five years earlier than usual).

The final story’s an action-packed sci-fi number.

Great issue; Moore’s playful narrative is subtly revelatory.


  1. Jostein Hansen

    Great reading to expect I guess. This series was published in the magazine Fantomet her in Norway some ten years ago, and I will be rereading the episodes soon. Can you also show us the cover to Tom Strong issue # 14?.

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