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Tom Strong 11 (January 2001)

Moore really brings in the weight this issue. Not emotionally, but in terms of complexity. He introduces Tom Strange and Tom Strange’s whole alternate Earth. The complexity comes in with the explanation it’s not really an alternate Earth but a duplicate one, albeit with some differences, elsewhere in the galaxy.

It’s hard to comprehend, which is good, because it means Moore is able to maintain the fantastical nature of the proposition. But it also means there’s a lot of exposition. The Sprouse art is excellent, but it can’t outdo the endless scientific explanations.

The issue’s a little… pardon the term… strange. Moore opens with a fight scene and an action set piece, then he moves into talking heads, then into the science and sci-fi. There’s almost no movement in the issue, even with a fight scene and intergalactic traveling.

It’s also a two parter. This first part feels incomplete.

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  1. vernon wiley

    For me Tom Strong continues into a maelstrom. The daughter, Daluha(?), becomes the central focus of the better scripts, and Tom’s fate becomes known at the end of the Promethea series. I’m not sure exactly where it becomes unfocused, but perhaps Moore went a little long on this one, and decided that the daughter was more interesting later..not neccesarily a bad thing.

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