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Chronicles of Wormwood: The Last Battle 3 (February 2010)

What the heck is Ennis doing? He’s half done with Last Battle and he’s maybe a quarter done with the story he’s trying. Unless he ends the universe. If he ends the universe I’m going to be very, very angry.

Worries aside, it’s another strong issue. It’s mostly Wormwood dealing with Jimmy outing himself in front of the girlfriend, in a very, very funny scene.

But all the impending fatherhood business–and here’s where Ennis is genius–raises the issue of whether Ennis himself is expecting. It doesn’t matter if he is or not, the issue raises the question of whether he should write about it or not. It loops in on itself beautifully.

As for Jimenez, who I usually complain about first… well, I could complain about him again but I won’t. I’ll just say he hasn’t improved.

It’s great writing, but I can’t imagine how Ennis’ll finish neatly.

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