Chronicles of Wormwood: The Last Battle 2 (October 2009)

Jimenez’s lack of humor hurts this issue too. Ennis brings back a very funny character and Jimenez can’t balance the humor and the horror. I mean, Ennis brings the character back from Hell so it’s got to be a little disturbing, but to lose the humor is a mistake.

Otherwise, the issue sails by. Wormwood is having father-to-be issues, which Ennis handles with equal parts comedy and drama. He really brings humanity to the Antichrist. Then Wormwood has a rough talk with his girlfriend, another place Jimenez fails. He doesn’t make her distinct at all.

The only problem with the issue is the aforementioned character returning. Maybe it’s just the weak art on the conclusion, but Ennis takes a lot of time on it and there’s just no payoff.

Still, it’s hard not to trust his narrative sensibilities… and the series’s event remain entirely unpredictable; Ennis’s consistently fresh.

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