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The Punisher 4 (December 2011)

It occurs to me, four issues in, I have almost no opinion of Checchetto. He’s a fine enough artist, he hits the mood Rucka’s going for… but he doesn’t bring anything to The Punisher. When he does try an elaborate design, it kills the pace of an issue.

Anyway, I just realized I barely talk about him.

Now, to Rucka. Rucka’s Punisher is a little like the Shadow, with a network of people indebted to him or otherwise inclined to help him. Even with Frank talking, Rucka goes out of his way to remove any personality from the character. They really need to get a Spider-Man cameo in the book, just the liven up the dialogue.

Rucka’s doing well the supporting cast except the senior detective. The reporter (Rucka’s best character) gives the detective a nickname–“Sherlock Homie.”

It’s an awkward racial nickname; it flops.

Rucka can do better.

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