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The Punisher 3 (November 2011)

Big Frank’s first words? Not worth the wait.

Rucka and Checchetto turn in an all action issue. It’s like Rucka’s trying not to let people decide whether they want to like the book or not.

Frank versus some mutant version of the Vulture? Kind of cool. But not because of anything Rucka brings to the table. Once again, he’s counting on the reader’s recollection of a previous Punisher he or she liked and so will care about Frank’s exploits here.

It’s very cheap.

Reading the airborne fight scene, it got me wondering what else Rucka has in store for the future. Good action sequences, probably with decent guest stars.

Only towards the end of the issue, with the introduction of a possible Lady Punisher and a new friend for Frank does the issue finally get interesting.

Rucka hasn’t been predictable on the book; I hope he doesn’t miss good opportunities.

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