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The Punisher 1 (October 2011)

It’s hard to have any opinion of Greg Rucka’s Punisher because Frank Castle isn’t really in the issue. Instead, Rucka follows around a couple cops who are investigating a sensational shooting.

Only one of the cops is really working for Frank so there’s finally a non-speaking appearance from the Punisher at the end.

Everything about the comic is generic–not bad, just generic. Rucka’s got his young white cop and his seasoned old black cop (hey, just like Seven). Frank doesn’t talk, he’s just a criminal’s nightmare or whatever.

The Marco Checchetto art is good–Rucka’s clearly going for a Gotham Central vibe and Checchetto helps it. But The Punisher isn’t Gotham Central. Frank isn’t Batman. What makes or breaks a Punisher comic is the writer’s handle on the character and Rucka’s apparently trying to delay having to have any opinion on him.

It’s not bad… it’s just vacant.

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