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Snarked (2011) #4

Snarked 4This issue of Snarked takes place over a day. Langridge opens with the cast finding a place to hide and closes it with them heading towards their rendezvous.

In it, Langridge introduces a new character–who seemingly is only going to be in this issue–and spends a lot of time with carefully rhyming exposition. But it’s clearly a bridging issue. The next arc starts in the next issue and this one can’t help but read a little thin.

Maybe it’s just the plot. The cast is trapped in closed quarters, hiding from the villains. There’s very little for them to do at this point–interacting with each other, now the Walrus is clearly a good guy (if shady), is less amusing. Without outside stimuli, they suffocate.

Langridge’s art is still wonderful and the dialogue is still strong, but there’s nothing new here.

Hopefully the new arc will invigorate Langridge.

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