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Star Wars: Crimson Empire 4 (March 1998)

This issue concentrates on the Rebels, specifically the woman. I can’t remember her name though. Stradley and Richardson repeat all the other names so much, she and her lizard-man sidekick are sort of nameless. I’m sure they say it a few times throughout… just didn’t make any impression.

There’s a lot of excellent Gulacy composition here. He might not be spending as much time on his art as he did in the eighties, but the panel design is still there.

Gulacy’s art gets the issue through. There’s really not much going on, just the woman being tortured and giving information in a scene a little too reminiscent of the first Star Wars. Stradley and Richardson might have considered it homage but it’s really quite lazy.

While the issue’s fine, it could have easily been half the length. There’s a lot of padding. Lots of filler for a bridging issue.

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