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Daredevil 1 (September 2011)

With Paolo Rivera doing the feature and Marcos Martin doing the back-up, Mark Waid has great art on his Daredevil revamp. But great art can’t do all the lifting. Waid’s take on Matt is a little unexpected, but a lot of fun.

The approach reminds a lot of TV, specifically “Life” and “The Mentalist.” Matt’a had some rough times so he’s going to be upbeat and eat unprocessed sugar and meet girls. As Daredevil, he constantly smiles. It’s like Waid is declaring the approach to the reader.

And it basically succeeds. Waid’s Matt is a likable protagonist. It’s too early to talk about the supporting cast. Waid’s still just introducing them, though hints at more Foggy problems pop up.

Sadly, the back-up, about Matt and Foggy, is stronger than the feature. There’s a point to it, while the feature is too expository.

This comic is a pleasant surprise.

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