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Swamp Thing 63 (August 1987)

I don’t get teary-eyed at a lot of comics. The format really isn’t conducive to it–the writers and artists can’t really control the reader’s pace, which is important for being so emotional the reader has to react.

But Moore and Veitch manage it here and in only a couple pages. Oh, Moore had been laying the groundwork since the first or second page of the issue, with Abby going to visit Matt in the hospital. Then Chester’s quest to find her–he runs into Liz, he runs into another repeat character–lays some roots for it too.

Oh, and the issue’s story is called, “Loose Ends (Reprise).” “Loose Ends” was Moore’s first issue; “(Reprise)” is his second to last.

Even if it didn’t get me teary-eyed, it’d still be a great issue. Moore juxtaposes Swampy’s revenge against Abby’s mourning. There’s some wit in the former.

It’s great.


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