Swamp Thing 62 (July 1987)

Veitch fills in as writer for Swamp Thing’s adventure with Metron and all the New Gods stuff. He does fairly well, but it’s an easy issue. Most of it is from Metron’s perspective and writing an egotistical know-it-all probably isn’t too hard.

But the issue is easy because it’s a fill-in. Veitch spends most of the issue either exploring the DC cosmic or going through Metron’s 2001-like observations of the universe. It’s a very limited universe, as it turns out. Metron mostly just looks at Earth, which might be fun for the reader, but not likely in the mind of a galactic explorer.

Veitch relegates Swamp Thing’s importance, if there is any, to the end. And instead of providing insight into the character, Veitch just foreshadows all the upcoming events in the series (post-Moore).

It’s okay, with good art to make it work, but insignificant.

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