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Swamp Thing 61 (June 1987)

Poor Adam Strange… Moore closes the issue making a joke about him. I get the reasoning–it’s a heavy issue–and it does give Strange a momentary spotlight, which he surely desires–but it’s odd.

This issue is partially about high sci-fi ideas–a planet where the plant life became sentient instead of the animals and what Swamp Thing’s presence would mean to it. But it’s more about the characters, which Moore brilliantly introduces. Though plants, it’s all human interest.

There’s the married couple unexpectedly given insight into each other’s thoughts, there’s the successful artist who’s isolated by success and, finally, there’s the aging Green Lantern.

It’s very much about that aging Green Lantern, down to the political problems on Oa; mostly it’s about his dealing with loss.

And Swamp Thing. He’s there too.

Moore packs the issue with fantastical action and quiet emotion. It’s a great comic book.

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