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Swamp Thing 59 (April 1987)

Stephen R. Bissette comes back to Swamp Thing to script a fill-in. Well, maybe not a fill-in. I mean, I’m sure Moore was busy with something else, but the story itself isn’t disposable. It’s just an Abby issue when the series has become, for a while anyway, about Swamp Thing.

The issue serves a couple purposes. First, it shows what Abby’s up to while Swampy’s off having an interstellar adventure. Second, it shows how Arcane’s time in Hell is being spent. It keeps Arcane, even damned, constant in the series.

The majority of the issue is split. Half is Abby at her new job, encountering personal difficulties with caring for the elderly… and dealing with criminal coworkers. The rest is her father, the Patchwork Man, on an unlikely quest to find her.

The juxtaposing is a tad contrived, but Bissette and Veitch fill the issue with sincere emotion.

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