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Swamp Thing 58 (March 1987)

Moore does eventually make this issue more of the traditional team-up. He also gives Swamp Thing some significant more page time, as he tries to figure out what’s up with the Rann’s ecosystem.

It’s actually a somewhat tense scene, as it’s unclear if Swamp Thing can help.

The issue opens with a lot of political talk between Adam Strange and one of the Hawk-people. The Hawk-people are not very nice, it turns out, and there’s a great fight sequence for Strange with them. It’s still, for the most part, an Adam Strange comic.

And, forgive the phrase, a strange one.

Moore keeps it untranslated for the most part, so the reader has to guess from the expressions and emotions. He puts a lot of trust in Veitch’s abilities.

But team-up is strange too. Swamp Thing quickly exits, even though he’s more powerful.

It’s another fine issue.

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