Swamp Thing (1985) #57


While Moore is taking Swamp Thing on a trip through the post-Crisis DC Universe, he’s also reduced Swampy back to a supporting role. This issue is all about Adam Strange and the troubles on Rann. Swamp Thing’s just stopping over.

And though it might be nice to see the titular character be the protagonist of his own book, Moore does a great job with Strange. It’s a fine example–as many of these Swamp Thing issues are–of the importance of excellent writing. Moore, in the first two pages, makes Adam Strange his own. Once on Rann, he continues it, using a lot of thought balloons for Strange, not a series standard.

It’s Moore adapting to best suit the character.

The result is an excellent comic book (even if Swamp Thing only gets a quarter of it).

Veitch and Alcala adjust from monsters to alien civilizations without a hitch.

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