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Swamp Thing (1985) #43

Swamp Thing  43

Moore introduces Chester this issue; I’d sort of forgotten when he came into the series. Chester will be a member of the supporting cast, but for now, he’s simply the protagonist in a fill-in. He finds one of Swampy’s tubers and investigates it.

Now, Chester, in addition to being a hippie nature lover, is a drug dealer. His customers really like the idea of the tuber and take it.

It gives Moore a chance to not just have a lovely little story about a dying woman’s last night with her husband, but also one where an annoying jerk goes nuts off the tuber.

There are a bunch of visual references to the original Swamp Thing series, but it’s from fill-in artists Woch and Randall… which tempers my enthusiasm somewhat. They do some excellent work, but cameos from the first series deserve Bissette and Totleben.

It’s another great issue.

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  1. vernon wiley

    It is so with a certain melancholy I remember these issues, and think about what’s published these days. The sheer number of ideas and plot advancement these comics have being MILES ahead of the current crop of writers. Some one at my shop asked why there wasn’t a “Staff Pick” sign on the shelf here by the new Swamp Thing. All I could say in my defense was, “been there, done that.” And much better I thought, by the way, but I kept still, still hoping to make a living…

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