Swamp Thing 39 (August 1985)

Something strange happens with the art this issue. It’s Bissette and Totleben, but one or both of them is darned lazy. While there’s some great Swamp Thing art, all the human characters are hurried. And the amazing Swamp Thing as landscape (first time ever) is far less amazing than I’d expect from the artists.

That unfortunate condition aside, it’s a good issue. Moore toggles between three narrators–victims, vampires and Swampy–and it all works well. Swamp Thing versus underwater vampires, with Swampy learning how to flex the plant elemental muscles.

Moore even makes the vampires sympathetic, though the vampire baby isn’t cute at all.

The comic’s definitely missing something with Abby gone, but it’s also a really short issue. Moore’s plot is a gradual and expansive, but it’s still an all action issue. It’s not rushed though.

It’s just too bad the artists were having their only weak issue.

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