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Ka-Zar the Savage 25 (April 1983)

Weird issue.

Since Shanna’s basically out of commission (she’s comatose in the second half and insane in the first), Peter Parker is basically the second protagonist. Jones splits the pages between him and Ka-Zar, though Ka-Zar has a lot more going on.

He escapes from the bad guys–Jones doesn’t, unfortunately, give the villains a satisfying send-off–and heads to New York for Shanna. There are obvious pacing problems as Ka-Zar globe trots, but Jones deftly covers that passage of time with Peter Parker. Peter’s taken with Shanna in a believable mix of protectiveness and chaste lust.

It’s too bad Frenz and Gil are lousy this issue, otherwise some of the quiet scenes would have been much nicer.

Aside from Jones’s usual problems with Ka-Zar as protagonist, it’s a fine issue.

The backup, still with waning Mayerik art, is exciting once again. Not shocking like last time, just exciting.

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