Ka-Zar the Savage 24 (March 1983)

There’s a lot of action this issue. Jones really puts Hall through the paces fitting it all in. Ka-Zar and his evil lady friend fight the mad scientist and his men in the desert, then in their secret base. There’s also Shanna’s adventures in New York with Peter Parker.

Hall does a lot better in New York than he does with the action scenes. He does okay with them, but having Ka-Zar fighting in the desert, against Bond villains in jumpsuits, requires a creativity Hall doesn’t bring.

Most of the writing is good, though Jones relies heavily on expository thought balloons and narration. He’s got a lot of information to get across in addition to the action; he rushes to make it fit.

It’s good, but not particularly compelling.

The backup is positively disturbing and not because Mayerik’s art is losing detail. Jones reveals an alarming detail from Ka-Zar’s youth.

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