Ka-Zar the Savage 12 (March 1982)

Jones finishes up his Inferno homage–he confirms my plotting suspicions too… again, it’d be a great movie. Because kids need to read Dante.

There’s a lot of action as Ka-Zar goes it alone (Shanna and his friends are brainwashed) against various demons and the big bad Lucifer stand-in.

Armando Gil takes over inking Anderson to great effect. Having seen Anderson go through two and a half inkers, it’s clear Gil is the one adding all the detail. He brings out what Anderson has started–even though they’re in the pits of Hell, Anderson has a lot to draw.

The issue’s particularly impressive because it’s all Ka-Zar’s show, something the comic hasn’t been since the first one. Shanna’s not an active participant. Jones casts Ka-Zar as Conan against the (more demonic than Cthulhu) Elder Gods. It works.

The backup’s a perverted Disney movie about Ka-Zar’s tiger. Gil Kane does fine.