Ka-Zar the Savage 6 (September 1981)

Jones and Ka-Zar have their first mediocre issue. Anderson is fine, opening the issue with this amazing panel of a snow covered jungle, but the story is lacking.

The issue concentrates on Shanna this time and Jones hurries her through a life crisis. It turns out Ka-Zar‘s Atlantis isn’t really in Marvel Universe continuity (or, if it is, the Atlantean in this issue’s never heard of Namor). It’s a quick little love story, with Shanna getting an Atlantean ghost as an admirer.

But Jones removes the drama from it. She doesn’t have to pick between men, she has to pick between Ka-Zar living and dying. That development changes the story’s trajectory, making it melodramatic and common.

And even though Jones’s characterization of Shanna isn’t bad, her suitor’s pretty lame.

It feels like a rush attempt–or even a regular one–when the story demands more thoughtfulness, more attention to detail.