Ka-Zar the Savage 2 (May 1981)

I don’t love this issue of Ka-Zar as much as the first. Jones opens the comic with revelations from Shanna, but he’s iffy on showing her side of them. It’s actually a strange approach–he implies her perspective on them, with Anderson doing a great job complementing the implications, but it’s too little. Ka-Zar is from Ka-Zar’s point of view and Jones needed to figure out a better way to show Shanna’s take without breaking the POV.

That long quibble aside, it’s still surprising great jungle adventure. There’s a lot more of the Conan influence here, along with maybe some John Carter of Mars. Ka-Zar and Shanna face off against some flying pterodactyl men (and team up with the good bird people).

Anderson, who was no slouch last issue, is getting better at an exponential rate. His inventive panel composition makes the issue a visual delight.

Ka-Zar‘s a great find.

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