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Justice League International 3 (January 2012)

It’s an action issue in the old Justice League tradition, two heroes break off and have a related adventure. Jurgens takes it even further, with the administrators teaming up too. Only Guy Gardner gets to play it solo.

The result’s a mixed bag. Batman and Booster Gold are good together, but only because Jurgens’s characterization of Batman as encouraging Booster is interesting. He sells the unlikely mentorship.

The Red Rocket and Ice though? Boring. Red Rocket’s a self-stylized ladies’ man. It’s weak. So is Fire and Vixen. Of some interest are the two new characters, the Chinese guy and Godiva. Their sequence is fine.

Lopresti and Ryan start rough, but have things mostly under control by a few pages in. They can’t handle the administrators, but they do manage the crazy scale of the comic. Giant Sentinel looking things, huge spaceships and sci-fi nonsense; they pull it off.


The Signal Masters, Part Three; writer, Dan Jurgens; penciller, Aaron Lopresti; inker, Matt Ryan; colorist, Hi-Fi; letterer, Travis Lanham; editor, Rex Ogle; publisher, DC Comics.

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  1. God bless you for reading and enjoying this comic.

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