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Revolution on the Planet of the Apes 4 (May 2006)

O’Brien’s pacing of Revolution is bad, but it’s not entirely an issue-to-issue thing. It’s more of a four issue story being spread out to six. For example, this issue could go alltogether (if it weren’t for Fowler doing the art).

There’s a good deal of implied action, but the reader doesn’t see much of it. Instead, O’Brien follows Roddy McDowell as he chases the bad guy from Conquest. I’m guessing Templeton and O’Brien hadn’t seen the extended cut where they kill that dude.

So it’s a chase issue instead of an action issue. Not sure why a movie tie-in series needs a chase issue.

Oh, there’s other stuff–the other governments (or “givernments,” I guess no one proofread the lettering) of the world nuke themselves instead of letting the American apes invade.

The backup, from Templeton and Sam Agro, is both a silly misfire and subtely profound.

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