Planet of the Apes: The Forbidden Zone 3 (February 1993)

Kirk appears just to have concentrated his attention on drawing good ape faces, not human. The issue is full of these exquisite ape faces and these terrible human ones. While one can appreciate the former, it’s too bad about the latter.

Cunningham continues to impress with his plotting. The most compelling part of Forbidden Zone is seeing how Cunningham weaves it. He brings three of the plots together, with the final one basically staying on its own.

Forbidden Zone is a war comic, something like a Civil War comic, and it’s a lot better than it should be.

The issue is a fine example of a good third of four. Most limited series have problems with the third issue… not Cunningham. He uses the issue’s place in the series–and the action ramping up for the finale–to stoke the tension.

Cunningham’s Forbidden Zone continues to pleasantly surprise and engage.

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