A scene from MATERNAL DEATH BY COINCIDENCE, directed by Peter Sterk and Fedor van Rossem.

Two Ambassadors (2008) s01e05 – Maternal Death by Coincidence

Maternal Death by Coincidence is one of a series of mock documentaries about two Dutch morons in Africa. It’s unclear from the episode itself it’s part of a series.

But finding out about its format, its part in a series, does slightly change my opinion of it. Coincidence succeeds because the public service announcement bit at the very end comes as a surprise. If it’s just a feature of the episodes, it becomes too familiar and it changes the humor.

On my viewing though—if I can remember back twenty minutes before I read about the rest—it worked fine. It presents itself as being absurdity anti-Africa, only to reveal itself it’s anti-African men and pro-African women. And it sticks to its guns on that issue, which is something.

The acting’s mediocre and the runtime’s way too long. Otherwise, Coincidence is informative and amusing.

Great soundtrack too.

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