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Grifter 2 (December 2011)

For most of the issue, Edmondson’s Grifter is just an alien conspiracy action thriller with the protagonist ludicrously wearing a bandana on his face.

As far as that genre goes, it’s fine. Cafu and Jason Gorder are a little off with some of the figure drawing, but not often, and it moves well. Edmondson’s not trying to reinvent the wheel, he’s just doing an action movie as a comic.

Until the end, when he gets into the stupid. Maybe his big reveal seemed like a good idea back when he was outlining the series to his editors, but it’s a terrible idea and the execution of it is even worse. Because it’s not an original idea; it’s been in some very famous Westerns. Edmondson had plenty of reference material for how to make it work successfully. Instead, he goes on his own.

And, with that failing, Grifter stops being amusing.


The Advantage Angle; writer, Nathan Edmondson; penciller, Cafu; inker, Jason Gorder; colorist, Andrew Dalhouse; letterer, Wes Abbott; editors, Katie Kubert and Bobbie Chase; publisher, DC Comics.

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