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Stormwatch 2 (December 2011)

I was really hoping Stormwatch would get better. First, Paul Cornell seems like a nice guy and I’ve liked a couple of his comics before. Second, I didn’t want to suffer through another bad comic.

Too bad. Being hopeful made it all the worse.

Well, that statement isn’t exactly correct. Cornell gives a momentary suggestion it might get better then doesn’t follow through. It seems like there’s going to be some actual action in the comic, but instead Cornell introduces a subplot about strife among team members. It turns out no one in Stormwatch likes anyone else.

There’s some slight amusement at the implication the Justice League are a bunch of morons; Stormwatch has been brainwashing them.

Oh, right, I almost forgot… Cornell goes out of his way to remind everyone he’s British. It’s painfully obvious.

I don’t even want to think about how bad the next issue will be.


The Dark Side, Part Two; writer, Paul Cornell; penciller, Miguel Sepulveda; inker, Al Barrionuevo; colorist, Alex Sinclair; letterer, Rob Leigh; editors, Sean Mackiewicz and Pat McCallum; publisher, DC Comics.

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