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Planet of the Apes 5 (February 1975)

Ed Hannigan isn’t any great shakes at the beginning of his story—he does the original story, with Moench writing again—but at least he’s not lazy. By the end of it, he’s to the point he’s no longer distinguishing between apes and people. Oddly, he draws ape faces a lot better than human faces, even when he’s concentrating.

The original story is a morality tale about a wounded ape and a wounded human working together to survive and still not learning their hatred is pointless.

While Moench is able to retain the depressing harshness of reality throughout, it still seems like a story better suited for a kids comic than a black and white Marvel magazine.

The adaptation of the first film is wrapping up and Moench’s able to make it move. It’s a lot of action, not much talking. It’s fine… except Tuska’s given up entirely on detail.


Evolution’s Nightmare; writer, Doug Moench; penciller, Ed Hannigan; inker, Jim Mooney. Planet of the Apes, Part Five: Into the Forbidden Zone; writer, Moench; penciller, George Tuska; inker, Mike Esposito. Editor, Don McGregor; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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