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Secret Agent Corrigan, Slave Labor (April-July 1967)

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Corrigan’s off to the sunny Caribbean this storyline, where he discovers the bad guys aren’t helping fugitives escape the States but rather stealing their money and making them do hard labor.

That situation, the criminals doing harder labor than they’d ever do in a real prison, isn’t one Goodwin explores. Actually, Goodwin doesn’t explore much with Corrigan, but his lack of ambition isn’t a bad thing. It’s a diverting spy slash thriller comic strip. Even when Goodwin’s got overly expositional panels (to bridge), it’s always fast paced.

One problem though… I don’t believe an FBI agent is going to give a bunch of fugitives pistols, even if they are all in a work camp. These guys were just trying to kill Corrigan a few strips earlier.

Williamson’s art is good. He matches Goodwin on the pace. Corrigan reads very fast. So fast plot holes don’t cause any stumbles.


Writer, Archie Goodwin; artist, Al Williamson; publisher, King Features.

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