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The Boogeyman (2010, Gerard Lough)

A scene from THE BOOGEYMAN, directed by Gerard Lough.

The Boogeyman seems like it should be better, but maybe only because the short’s deficiencies are so obvious and director Lough’s ambitions so clear.

Lough layers the narrative, using an absurd psychologist appointment as a frame. He really should have watched some “Bob Newhart” for some realism. But his composition is okay and the film’s failings are his responsibility but not his fault.

First, the music. Cian Furlong’s score is laughable. Ringtones are more musically accomplished.

Second is the photography and the editing. Greg Rouladh gets credited for both. He shoots too dark half the time and too bright the rest. Boogeyman almost looks like it was done on half-inch VHS.

As for the editing–well, the sound editing is incompetent.

So why isn’t it worthless?

Lead Simon Fogarty is great. He even gets past the weak expository dialogue and the inherent silliness.

But he can’t save it overall.

1/3Not Recommended


Directed by Gerard Lough; screenplay by Lough, based on a story by Stephen King; director of photography, Greg Rouladh; edited by Rouladh; music by Cian Furlong; produced by Martin Neely and Lough.

Starring Simon Fogarty (Andrew Billings), Michael Parle (Dr. Harper) and Joanne Cullen (Rita).


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