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Rip Kirby, I’m OK–You’re Great (April-September 1951)


Honey appears in the first strip of this storyline to give Rip an in on a case involving her friend. It’s definitely at least the third time Honey’s brought him a case in that manner… but the first where it’s basically her only part in the story. Desmond takes a near absent role this time too.

Maybe it’s because the storyline itself is so convoluted. For the most part, the revelations and events are contrived, but it’s a big story—it’s so big, Raymond does three recap strips. He usually does one. This storyline’s art is particularly strong. Raymond doesn’t have any exotic locales (not even a New York establishing shot) but his talking heads scenes—and they are many—are beautiful. Most of the long story takes place in conversation, with the resolution bringing a lot of tense action.

It’s too bad Honey’s absent again, but the story’s good.


Writer, Ward Greene; artist, Alex Raymond; publisher, King Features.

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