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The Uncanny X-Men and the New Teen Titans 1 (September 1982)


I’m hard-pressed to think of a worse comic than The Uncanny X-Men and the New Teen Titans. Besides the Chris Claremont writing, which is atrocious, laughable and so on, there’s the Walt Simonson art. I’m not a big Simonson fan, but I’d never thought he was capable of being terrible or incompetent (he’s got some Liefeld body proportions here). So it’s not even pleasant to see. Terry Austin does his many dot backgrounds, which is cute, but he certainly doesn’t fix the awful art.

The story involves Dark Phoenix and Darkseid teaming up. Big whoop.

Claremont tries to introduce a shared universe—the TItans have just never run into the X-Men before (so they don’t feel bad about trying to kill Professor X). Claremont writes the Titans terribly, unless Starfire’s supposed to be a slut. The X-Men get all the page time anyway.

It’s complete garbage.


Apokolips…Now.; writer, Chris Claremont; penciller, Walt Simonson; inker, Terry Austin; colorist, Glynis Wein; letterer, Tom Orzechowski; editors, Len Wein and Louise Jones; publisher, Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

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