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Rip Kirby, Return of the Mangler (June-September 1950)


The Mangler finally makes his comeback and it’s in maybe the worst story Greene and Raymond have done on Rip Kirby. Oh, Raymond’s art is still great—there’s some beautiful composition, particularly during the first quarter of the story—but the story’s so contrived. There’s this big setup to get the Mangler to Italy to meet up with Honey (and Rip), but there’s no reason he had to come back to the states. Except maybe to team up with his Nazi sidekick… except the Nazi sidekick’s pointless for the storyline.

It’s the first time Greene and Raymond haven’t made it feel organic. Worse, they repeat one of their earlier scenes—with Rip flying over Honey (on a ship) to her rescue ahead of time.

Once things are moving, it’s fine. The art helps get one past the rough spots.

It’s too bad Honey’s just a damsel in distress again though.


Writer, Ward Greene; artist, Alex Raymond; publisher, King Features.

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  1. I don’t know how practical this would be, but it’d be cool to know the length of these strips in relation to the stories you’re talking about. I know these aren’t the same length, but for some strsnge reason i also want to know how many dailies were involved. I don’t want you to change the narrative flow, though, for the sake of telling me this detail. Carry on…

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